The World Does Not Make Sense, Nothing Does.

Session 5

I will take back everything bad I ever said about my brother if he can stitch my arm back together properly. 

Today was a mess, plain and simple. I have no other words, we were defeated, humiliated and played for fools.

I should have pushed harder, everyone would have been safe in the Cradle. I should have tried harder. We lost more in wealth and people and pride than I think we even had to begin with.

I can at least be thankful that Belvarin managed to get as many as he did out of the village before that wretch attacked. They were waiting for that damned prophesy, the moment the women laboured they came.

Rank after rank, a sea of wolf-men slaves. I use no other word for they followed that oathbreaker to their deaths.

The Sensei paid for his mistake with his hand, my own body is in tatters but we managed to hold. How far we have fallen that we were so overwhelmed. Were it not for Aela we would have been ruined.

She was magnificent, sun and moon flowing across the field of battle. Like the reaver she is at heart she danced through them, crushing their packs as if they were nothing but grass. But even she is but one, as fine a Rising Sun as could be hoped for but still just a youth. Just like we all are, even I.

I must be a fool for I did not forsee what came next. The great beast that led them killed what little hope I had for the host. That rabid beast led its slaves to their death, killed ours and his while charging through our settlement.

Then it brought forth the brand of the moon and I could feel my heart break. The Lunars have fallen, they are as damned as the rest. He claimed that he would fell the Starborn as he drove into the clinic.

The midwives were gone with the children. The filthy traitors had been among us all along and I did not see them. We did not see them.

Now they are gone with the children while the brute offered his surrender. 

Were we not so desperate I would rip his dark heart from his chest so that I could free the trapped exaltation within. 

But we are desperate, we are shattered, we are weak.

I am weak.

This must change.

I wonder how Nemi will take her partner's failure?


elkovash Orlianus

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