The Storm is tardy.

Session 3

Well that did not go as I had hoped. At all.

I must admit that I could have handled things better but assassination attempts and more omens than one can shake a blade at do tend to throw one off balance. So much so that I am unsure of where to begin.

To start with there was that whole matter which did a successful job of spoiling a rather fine feast. Some young would-be assassins decided to attempt to riddle the Sensei with arrows only to be foiled by the runaway noble girl. A feat which made a great deal more sense later on but we can address THAT mess when we get there. In any case I calmly explained the situation to one of the boys whom was quite eager to explain at length that he had been contracted from a nearby village.

At that point I decided on a rather drastic course of action. I figured if the Sensei was the devout follower of the Unconquered which he claimed to be then revealing my brand would secure me an ally in a village filled with unknown and potentially dangerous variables. Worst case scenario I would have to eliminate a potential threat in any case.

When I encountered the noble girl and her erstwhile guardian already in his company I invited them along for much the same reasons after the Sensei refused to part from them. In his chamber I revealed myself. A dramatic moment I would have thought, at the very least one which would lend me some gravitas and a position of strength.

In line with my seemingly cursed luck not only the noble girl but the Sensei himself both met my crowned sun with a rising sun and noonday sun. I had stumbled upon two other chosen of sol invictus which complicated things greatly. 

In short order the good doctor also stumbled upon us and due to certain circumstances (which I claim little responsibility in) he too revealed his mark. 

So I found myself surrounded by exalted which had its positives and its negatives. Safety in numbers weighed against being a very visible target aided only further by a Zenith who perhaps predictably does little to hide his love for the Most High.

I wish I could say that was where my night stopped its downward spiral into madness. Sadly I cannot. 

No sooner was the full nature of our little group fully revealed than a terrifying little girl whom I would classify as either a Raksha or perhaps a particularly eccentric spirit appeared with cryptic warnings after disabling the Sensei's aide rather handily. 

We sprang to action rallying the town to the upcoming threat as 'A big stone' accompanied by many 'little stones' sounds as army like as I care to identify. The young living-siege-engine took position alone the predicted path of arrival of our threat while the Sensei marshalled his men, Nihil opted to throw logic out the window and I tried to muster what support I could from the major groups intruding on the village. 

This of course involved man-handling the Seras Knight-Captain, promising a drunk Shaffar some sort of prize and leading a small host of guards, mercernaries (and entertainers) to the rallying position.

For nothing given that absolutely nothing came. 

Needless to say I need sleep.


elkovash Orlianus

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