Run-Away Dynast.


Full Name: Cathak Nemi
Aspect: Air
Age: 22
Height: 5’8
Weight: 105pds.
Hair: Ice-Blue hair worn as a long braid.
Eyes: Silver-Blue eyes.

Cathak Nemi is a pretty if not beautiful woman, her features carry a regality only accented by the marks of her fine breeding. Her long braid is blue like an iced-over lake, her fair skin could be compared to snow and her bright eyes resemble the silvery-blue of a storm cloud. She is neither terribly tall nor short, thin perhaps but not without muscle. A fine shot with a fire wand and a brilliant sorceress who is as comfortable in high society as she is in a humble tavern. Were she born to different sires, different circumstances or perhaps a different House, hers would have been a charmed life.

One of course wonders what she is doing in the company of an Anathema and so far from her homeland. She politely replies to such inquiries by noting that everyone has things they would rather not speak of. She clarifies that her name is Nemi and that she takes great offense to repeated usage of the name of a House she deems her mortal enemies.

Armor: A worn buff jacket of reasonable quality over a set of used working clothes.
Casual Wear: Her outfits tend towards dresses, pants and belts along with slippers or boots. She likes simple ornamentation like stitching patterns along her belt, simple hats or braiding her hair.
Formal Wear: She currently lacks formal clothing but if able she would opt for high quality materials but not a particularly ornate style.
Battle/Expecting Trouble Outfit: Brown clothing under a buff jacket.

Personality: Cathak Nemi is clever and charming but also not given to saying anything less than what she holds to be absolutely true. She circumnavigates that tendency in many situations by addressing the truth indirectly.

“Mortal or Exalt, people are people”-Defining.
“I want to ride a Royal Warstrider”-Defining.
Avis (Hesitant Love)- Defining.
House Cathak (Hatred)-Major.
The Realm (Apathy)-Major.
First Age Artifice (Love)-Major.
Knowledge (Love)- Major.
“People are arrogant”- Minor.
Combat (Dislike)- Minor.
“A smile is often more useful than a firewand”- Minor.

-An ornate Feathersteel Firewand of fine make.
-A few older outfits of good quality but which look much regaler on her than they should be.
-She has a cotton veil to hide her decidedly inhuman hair colour.
-A small tool-kit of the First Age tools she could escape with.
-A satchel full of stolen tomes and scrolls that deal with First Age Artifice.
-A stolen Cathak signet ring.
-A good set of comfortable clothes suited to heavy exercise and combat.
-Artifcer gloves and goggles.
-One worn comfortable buff jacket.


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