Kazei Yushoto Ilin

Sub-Director of Lookshyian Intelligence


Full Name: Yushoto Ilin
Aspect: Air
Age: 97 (Physically 27)
Height: 6’3
Weight: 180pds
Hair: Short-Cropped Silver Hair
Eyes: Bright-Blue eyes always slightly narrowed.

The Kazei charged with overseeing the South and Southeastern wings of the Intelligence Directorate is a rising star in Lookshy. By the age of 86 he matched a post of considerable renown and it is no secret that he is being groomed for command of the Directorate by the current Taimyo of Intelligence. Few can doubt his credentials given his decades of field experience and his wide net of contacts across Creation. Indeed, all doubts held in the man are unrelated to his career, many note that he continues to shirk his duty to wed as any proper citizen should despite his decidedly familial nature. Others note that he counts a number of foreigners as close friends although some count that as a point in his favour depending on political leanings. The biggest objection however comes from the potential risk to the cohesion of the General Staff for despite their once near-inseparable friendship, he and Taimyo Linwei have what can at best be called an ‘icy’ relationship.
The powerfully built air aspected is a noted warrior in addition to his charisma, business sense and most of all his talents for the Ranger’s arts but he is best-known for his commitment to duty. One such incident involved his being captured by a lunar Anathema some decades back and having escaped with both his mind and Lookshy’s secrets intact, he is not a man whose loyalty can be lightly questioned. Often forgotten in that incident was the role played by a young nobleman who aided in Ilin’s escape, their friendship was well-known in his family and condolences were offered when the young man tragically passed suddenly a few years ago.

Armor: In combat, Ilin wears a panoply comprising of his Moonsilver-Threaded Silken Armor (Shape-Dancer), A Black Jade Reaper Daiklave (Beloved Drunk) and a custom Starmetal Dragon’s Sigh Wand (Bright-Flash of the Finale). He typically keeps a full harness of sixe throwing knives strapped to his side but will also carry whatever mission-specific equipment he deems necessary.
Casual Wear: Ilin does not actually favour the uniform-style of his homeland, instead he opts for comfortable merchant’s clothing comprising of sturdy pants, a fine tunic and well-made sandals. He typically keeps two gourds tied to his obi.
Formal Wear: A standard and immaculately maintained uniform with what honour’s he has been formally granted brightly adorning his uniform.
Battle/Expecting Trouble Outfit: Ilin rarely travels without Shape-Dancer and some hidden weapon. If secrecy is unessential he will default to his panoply.

Personality: Ilin is calm, collected and surprisingly mischevious for one his august rank. He is good with children and his smiles are hard to see as anything other than genuine. He does not deviate a single step from what is expected of him but is generally open to listening to any views presented to him and weighs them fairly before judging.

Karal Linwei (Complex Bitterness/ Longing)- Major.
His daughter (Distant Affection)- Defining.
Lookshy (Patriotic Loyalty)- Defining.
Avis (Close Friendship)- Defining.
“Loyalty is knowing when to disagree”- Major.
“Trade is an extremely pleasant and useful hobby”- Minor.
His Men (Faith)- Major.
Intelligence Gathering (Competitive Joy)- Minor.
Gens Yushoto (Familial Affection)- Major.
“Children should be protected and nurtured”- Minor.

-A great deal of wealth (both inherited and earned through his mercantile efforts). He typically keeps about a talents worth of wealth on his person to bait would-be thieves. The more competent ones may find themselves inducted into the Rangers should they prove receptive to indoctrination.
-He has little in the way of clothing due to the shape-changing nature of his Silken Armour.
-A decently sized home, exactly sized to what is expected from his rank.
-A larger country estate.
-Both homes are very well supplied and thoroughly decorated in compliance with cultural expectations.
-Several small Lookshyian-based trading ventures.
-A considerable personal library.

Kazei Yushoto Ilin

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