Gentle Breeze (The Glorious Sensei)

The God King Reborn the Greatest Teacher in Creation and future ruler of the Blessed Isle


Caste: Zenith
Anima: A katana with a scroll wrapped around the blade
Age: 57
Height: 6’
Weight: 170
Hair: White pulled back in top Knot with a well kept short goatee.
Eyes: Dark Blue

Casual Dress: Most days The Sensei wears a simple green or blue silk kimono with gold trim and a matching obi. He keeps an ornate katana tucked in his obi.

Formal Dress: For formal occasions he switch to a much fancier gold silk kimono with red, green, or blue trim and a matching obi. He still keeps his katana in his obi unless the situation won’t allow it.

When Expecting Trouble: If he expects trouble he simply puts on a chain shirt under his kimono.


The Glorious Sensei is a disciplined man, yet very friendly and approachable by all. He is a man of great knowledge and experience and more than willing to share that information with all who will listen. While all these things are true about The Sensei he is also a calculating man who never plays all his cards if he can avoid it. He is also a man with a huge ego and the grandest of goals that he will stop at nothing to achieve. While he is a terrible enemy he works tirelessly to insure the grandest of lives to those he considers one of his people.


“I am the God King Reborn” – Defining
“I will build an Empire to rival the Realm” – Defining
The Realm (Hatred) – Defining
“Bring Enlightenment to a Dark World” – Major
“Build a Paradise for my People” – Major
Knowledge (Love) – Major
Slavery (Hatred) – Major
My Doctor Nihil (Respect) – Minor
Sex (Love) – Minor

Gentle Breeze (The Glorious Sensei)

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