Avis (Aulus Vi’Seneka)

A merchant seeking wealth.




Caste: Eclipse
Anima: A Storm of White Feather-Quills Over a Tear into an incomprehensibly vast mechanism.
Age: 32
Height: 5’7
Weight: 100pds
Hair: Short grey hair with a closely trimmed beard.
Eyes: Muddy Brown.

Polite, personable and the kind of man that most get accustomed to quickly, that is what most gather about the merchant after spending some time with him. In truth, he is very much an observant, shrewd and pragmatic man inclined to think of profit more often than all else. He enjoys knowing what people want and always tries to be aware of their circumstances, ignorance does not suit him. He enjoys learning and toying with his tools to craft small clockworks while considering his course of action. Despite his nature, Avis is a good friend to have as he places a high premium on trust. While loathe to ignore a debt, he is also rarely inclined to not provide aid to a friend. Although he remembers his Solar name, he loaths to hear it said.

Armor: None normally. A chainshirt if he thinks that there will be trouble.
Weapon: Keeps his Slashing sword on hand but out of sight whenever he can.
Casual: A of plain blue woolen shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Woolen pants and a thin beige woolen jacket if it is cold. The only noticeably expensive things are high quality boots (he hates foot sores) and an ornate pendent which he keeps under the shirt.
Formal: Usually tries to trade one formal outfit for one to suit the local custom whenever possible and will splurge on it as needed. His other one is a set of deep blue robes lined with gold and silver thread and a few inset gems, he sold off the matching set of jewelry some time ago.
Battle/ Expecting Trouble: A comfortable shirt under his chainshirt under a slightly thicker short. The shorts along with his pants and boots are made of the most wear-resistant clothing he can afford.

“Everyone and Everything has a price”- Defining.
“Trust requires compromise”- Defining.
What he left behind (Deep-seated sense of lost)- Major.
“Wealth is always Needed”- Major.
His pendent (Violently protective)- Major.
Old Edna (Fondness)- Minor.
Nemi (Hesitant Affection)-Major.
Hardship (Irritation)- Minor.
Yushoto Ilin (Close Friendship)- Major.
“There is so much beauty in artifice”-Minor.

-One aging but lively and very well cared for horse (Old Edna).
-A great deal of amassed trade-goods. More valuable goods hidden beneath the less valuable ones.
-An immaculately maintained wagon.
-An old pendent wrought from starmetal.
-Several small, wind-up toys he has made to pass the time.
-Four sets of traveling clothes, two sets of formal robes and one set of good clothing to resist wear and tear. Several cloaks for weather.
-A pair of very well-made boots.
-Four thick blankets.
-A finely wrought chainshirt.
-One wooden chest with an enchanted lock. Keeps writing supplies, coinage and old journals in it. He also keeps his clockwork tools in a compartment.
-One slashing sword of superior quality with a carefully scratched out insignia.
-Hearthstone kept in his clothing.

Avis (Aulus Vi’Seneka)

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