Well that didn't explain much.
(Double sessions, 6 and 7)

more scribbling

So a regrouping was required.   Everyone had sort of split up after … well I guess we can call it a win?   I still don't think it was.

I decided to get some rest and start seeking them out after some rest.  The Sensei and the Doctor were in the woods, which after what happened seemed a bad idea.   Root and I managed to track down the doctor and keep him from becoming a snack for some wolves, and together we managed to track down the sensei who was meditating. 

Doc says he can fix the Sensei's arm.   At this point I am not really going to disbelieve anything.

We head up to meet with Avis up at his little hideout in the mountain.

It's only as small as his ego…

Apparently this was a meeting place for, well, us, way back when.  I don't really get it. I get flashes of insight of someone else's life but it is meaningless to me. 

I just wish he wouldn't talk down to me about it like i'm some moron for not knowing this history.  Wasn't exactly taught after basic ettiquete or spear lessons with Root.

Anyway, turns out some other threat is on the horizon, and he can't trust us about it so he does this binding oath thing.  I guess the Realm has discovered a superweapon, and while I am currently not a fan of Avis, last thing I want to see is the realm waltzing in and taking over the place with some super weapon.


So thats what we have done.


Then the new guy showed up.

I like him.   He seems to have some of the knowledge Avis has but doesn't talk down to me about it.

Also he is hard to notice so… That's helpful.

Anyway we all decided to talk a check in on the village's visitors.  

We split apart for a bit, Doc and the new guy heading to the clinic while Avis, Sensei and I headed to the boats.  

After getting invited to a small feast (didn't realize how hungry I was til now), we were alerted to a sound coming from outside.  A beautiful wasp, and someone taking to the sky with one of the children…

Session 6

It is odd, how I feel alone despite being surrounded by the villagers and my Nemi.

I thought that I had found a part of myself in them but instead I have come to question whether that absence should have existed in the first place. They are strangers, ones that neither share my beliefs nor care for them.

The Lunar called me a deceiver, I wonder if he was an ancient who fled from us cow-hearted or if he was a student of the cowards who learned a more convenient narrative. It does not matter, he is stronger and I stood alone for they had no interest in holding him.

So I fled, from them, my failure and that wretch.

I had been so proud of my manse, my home. A place I could build from, forget. Now it seems like a poor jape. A false promise.

I told Belvarin that we would find the children, that was a lie. The Sidereals, the Lunars. They are traitors. The Dragon-blooded fractured and they hate us in any case.

And now the Solars are clear. They do not care either. Drunk on their own missions, their own glories and I am no better.

I wonder what use you see in all of this Sol?

I told them what it was, where it was. They do not understand though even as they swore their vow. Bound by pragmatism more than trust or understanding of my words.

I should not have done it there, the murals meant nothing despite my faint hopes. 

I need sleep.

But sadly that is not an option in truth.

I Suck
Session 5 (Aela)

 Frustrated Scribbling

So turns out I'm not really as good as I thought, and am now concerned about taking back home.   The Sensei lost an arm!  Sure I managed to get by with minor cuts and bruises, but man.   I got off lucky.  So much death.

War sucks….

I suck….

Well there is an exalt who is silver and can turn into a dragon.  He surrendered, we "won" but it sure doesn't feel it.  And now Avis is just red and not shutting up at mocking this thing.   The babies are gone.  I am definitely not ready.  

The World Does Not Make Sense, Nothing Does.
Session 5

I will take back everything bad I ever said about my brother if he can stitch my arm back together properly. 

Today was a mess, plain and simple. I have no other words, we were defeated, humiliated and played for fools.

I should have pushed harder, everyone would have been safe in the Cradle. I should have tried harder. We lost more in wealth and people and pride than I think we even had to begin with.

I can at least be thankful that Belvarin managed to get as many as he did out of the village before that wretch attacked. They were waiting for that damned prophesy, the moment the women laboured they came.

Rank after rank, a sea of wolf-men slaves. I use no other word for they followed that oathbreaker to their deaths.

The Sensei paid for his mistake with his hand, my own body is in tatters but we managed to hold. How far we have fallen that we were so overwhelmed. Were it not for Aela we would have been ruined.

She was magnificent, sun and moon flowing across the field of battle. Like the reaver she is at heart she danced through them, crushing their packs as if they were nothing but grass. But even she is but one, as fine a Rising Sun as could be hoped for but still just a youth. Just like we all are, even I.

I must be a fool for I did not forsee what came next. The great beast that led them killed what little hope I had for the host. That rabid beast led its slaves to their death, killed ours and his while charging through our settlement.

Then it brought forth the brand of the moon and I could feel my heart break. The Lunars have fallen, they are as damned as the rest. He claimed that he would fell the Starborn as he drove into the clinic.

The midwives were gone with the children. The filthy traitors had been among us all along and I did not see them. We did not see them.

Now they are gone with the children while the brute offered his surrender. 

Were we not so desperate I would rip his dark heart from his chest so that I could free the trapped exaltation within. 

But we are desperate, we are shattered, we are weak.

I am weak.

This must change.

I wonder how Nemi will take her partner's failure?

The Storm Might be Exalted
Session 4

Fulgrite, the chained lightning.

We are one step closer to finding out what exactly that means. 

The Sensei finally gathered us today and declared his intent to deal with the beastmen of the region. Unsurprisingly we all agreed to the venture, two months on waiting for something to happen has been known to weigh on the nerves and that is doubly so for the chosen.

Ultimately it was decided that Nemi and Root should remain behind to protect the village from assault while we were away. Root shared what I would consider a heartwarming farewell with his student and ward while Nemi decided to mark the occasion by introducing me to the butt of her firewand. Heh, some things really never seem to change. Our good doctor opted to terrify some pregnant women prior to our departure, skilled or not the man seems somewhat unstable at times.

In any case once we daeparted and made our way to the sight where the Sensei claimed that the local Beastmen gathered things got interesting rather quickly.

We met with and the elder of the tribe we encountered. By met of course I mean we ran into a rather thick language barrier layered with distrust and hostility. As is the custom of the sunborn we triumphed however through the traditional mix of spewing copious amounts of lights, finger painting and threats. 

Not the most complex depiction of events but eventually we were able to convince the tribe to come under our command through the auspices of an alliance. I suspect that my brothers are of a mind with me on this matter at least, having some additional warriors on our side would not hurt. 

After all this 'Fulgrite' as it has been called commands many larger tribes of a similar style to the Balvor that we allied with. Made worse was the elder Belvarin's reaction to our anima, he dubbed us 'Fulgrite' as well.

I take this to mean one of three things, in order of potential concern:

1-They associate the name Fulgrite with great displays of power.

2-This Fulgrite is capable of glowing.

3-The most troubling option: Fulgrite is an exalt.

I hope to ask Belvarin more of this foe once he has been properly educated in a more common tongue, I do so despise being unaware of my foes.

In the name of security I plan to introduce my brothers to my home, secrets with a practical application should not be kept hidden in such a problematic situation.

The Storm is tardy.
Session 3

Well that did not go as I had hoped. At all.

I must admit that I could have handled things better but assassination attempts and more omens than one can shake a blade at do tend to throw one off balance. So much so that I am unsure of where to begin.

To start with there was that whole matter which did a successful job of spoiling a rather fine feast. Some young would-be assassins decided to attempt to riddle the Sensei with arrows only to be foiled by the runaway noble girl. A feat which made a great deal more sense later on but we can address THAT mess when we get there. In any case I calmly explained the situation to one of the boys whom was quite eager to explain at length that he had been contracted from a nearby village.

At that point I decided on a rather drastic course of action. I figured if the Sensei was the devout follower of the Unconquered which he claimed to be then revealing my brand would secure me an ally in a village filled with unknown and potentially dangerous variables. Worst case scenario I would have to eliminate a potential threat in any case.

When I encountered the noble girl and her erstwhile guardian already in his company I invited them along for much the same reasons after the Sensei refused to part from them. In his chamber I revealed myself. A dramatic moment I would have thought, at the very least one which would lend me some gravitas and a position of strength.

In line with my seemingly cursed luck not only the noble girl but the Sensei himself both met my crowned sun with a rising sun and noonday sun. I had stumbled upon two other chosen of sol invictus which complicated things greatly. 

In short order the good doctor also stumbled upon us and due to certain circumstances (which I claim little responsibility in) he too revealed his mark. 

So I found myself surrounded by exalted which had its positives and its negatives. Safety in numbers weighed against being a very visible target aided only further by a Zenith who perhaps predictably does little to hide his love for the Most High.

I wish I could say that was where my night stopped its downward spiral into madness. Sadly I cannot. 

No sooner was the full nature of our little group fully revealed than a terrifying little girl whom I would classify as either a Raksha or perhaps a particularly eccentric spirit appeared with cryptic warnings after disabling the Sensei's aide rather handily. 

We sprang to action rallying the town to the upcoming threat as 'A big stone' accompanied by many 'little stones' sounds as army like as I care to identify. The young living-siege-engine took position alone the predicted path of arrival of our threat while the Sensei marshalled his men, Nihil opted to throw logic out the window and I tried to muster what support I could from the major groups intruding on the village. 

This of course involved man-handling the Seras Knight-Captain, promising a drunk Shaffar some sort of prize and leading a small host of guards, mercernaries (and entertainers) to the rallying position.

For nothing given that absolutely nothing came. 

Needless to say I need sleep.

A Storm is Coming
Session 2

I typically dont like to be dramatic in private but this time I feel it, something bad is coming, our new arrivals were led here by the fates and the stars just as surely as the Seras. Nothing good can come from it. 

The Two Moons they call themselves. A merchant clan under the guide, heh. I another life I might have considered them kin after a fashion, now though I cant say anything so positive, their leader is trouble of that I have no doubt. A tall and boisterous man calling himself Shaffar (I hesitate to accept that to be his real name) who hides cunning under bluster and friendliness by my estimation.

In any case his arrival was followed by a familiar seen, the good doctor insisting on seeing to the woman in need and the young noble and retainer keeping themselves far from sight. Perhaps it was curiosity that made me opt to follow their cue, perhaps it was nostalgia that led me to opt to engage with the caravan. Regardless I learned of the supposed greatness promised by an old seer to Shaffar should his daughter be born in the village. The suspicious similarity of such a tale persuaded me to turn to the Seras.

I approached lady Knight-Captain of the Seras, Dastal. I was familiar enough with noble children being entrusted with such position to know how to approach her. Namely I focused on extracting as much information as I could and none of it was promising. A family of seers obsessed with prophecy and stars? At the time at least I found that deeply unnerving. 

After that I made my way to Shaffar after his meeting with our dear Sensei. As much as the man concerned me it would be foolish to remain ignorant. I learned a great deal so I cannot claim displeasure with the result even if it unnerved me. The man was a Factor of the worst sort, one to trade with the Raksha and more importantly, problematically ambitious as well. Not two seconds of knowing me and already trying to use me to maximize his profits. Not a bad merchant although he could stand to be less reaching, it produces a bit of a flaw if he is seeking to seem harmless.

In any case the head of the village decided to commemorate the day with a feast, I have to give the man credit. He is not one to waste an opportunity.

So I took my supplies back home and prepared for the feast. Obviously Nemi insisted on returning with me much to my chagrin, her veils would be hard to justify in the village and I was wary of risking her safety in that powder keg but I could hardly fault her for using the exact same argument. I did ask the servants to minimize their sentries and keep only the smallest number possible beyond our home, I did not expect the feast to go well.

Surprisingly enough I found the feast to start off on quite the favourable terms after I found my way to the Seras table and introduced my companion. I perhaps pushed myself a bit to far in being complimentary but seeing his family together like that brought out a bit too much nostalgia on my part. Still things went well enough that Iwas even beginning to allow myself some modicum of peace.

Then of course some young people decided to get into a quarrel with the young noble, things went straight to hell after that.


So much for quiet.
Session 1

I thought that we had found a quiet spot in Creation, I really ought to stop hoping for luck as I seem to be beset by a particularly subtle and malicious starborn. 

Things had looked promising to begin with, I found the village easily enough after the Servants led me as far as they could. It was a strange place to be sure but not problematically so, then I met the 'Glorious Sensei,' it tells you alot about a man when you find him in front of a statue to himself. Braggadocio aside he was pleasent enough though, I can respect a man trying to do right by his people even if his confidence bordered on the suicidal. It came as little surprise that he claimed to be god-blooded given his stated ambitions or even perhaps a Lost Egg of low breeding. Regardless of shape it is rare to find a mortal with goals as lofty as attempting to restore literacy to Creation.

If nothing else he was certainly generous in his invitation for a meal and the relative ease with which he promised me such a great deal of supplies. As he showed me around the village I quickly noted that it had potential. I was not certain whether it was the manner in which the (apparently literate) people carried themselves or if it was the scope with which the Sensei spoke but I was certain that place could be great. It did not concern me as long as they honored our arrangements and stayed away from my home. I felt fairly comfortable with the circumstances up until that point, then things rapidly grew out of control at a lunatic pace.

First there was the young noblewoman (possibly lesser royalty) and her guard, a stern man but then again with such a charge I could hardly fault him. I admit that I let my curiosity get the better of me, she was barely even trying to hide who she was despite her retainer's valiant attempts. A young woman escorted by a bodyguard, speaking of a need to move and arriving on a mere fishing boat? She is either running from or pursing something, in any case I strongly doubt 'Aela' or 'Root' are their real names.

If that was not enough to be problematic, the Sensei then started speaking of Sol Invictus! I only engaged him in brief debate but it became clear rather quickly that the man possessed a strange devotion to a god that should only be known to the dead and the treacherous. People in this town were suspicious to say the least.

Then came the local healer, there is something wrong with him. The sight of him drew an annoyance from me that I cannot identify or trace but the unease was enough to temporarily catch me off-guard. The man himself was much more fit and large than one would expect a local healer to be and considering the days events, was probably more skilled than one should be. I would have to avoid the man as best I am able, he already began to question me within seconds of our meeting.

In any case we managed to part ways well enough, the Sensei resumed his duties in his village, the trio of odd ones continued their meal and for my part I was looking forward to loading up my wagon and returning before Nemi decided to light me on fire for making her wait.

At that point the day seemed problematic but still salvageable, the town had some odd people but I could hardly claim to be an exception. Then came the Seras.  There are many things that one can dismiss as coincidence, the town, its strange leader, the runaways and the healer. All unexpected, all potential complications but still within the realm of extreme coincidence. What looked like a large part of noble house showing up to deliver a child led by an old man going on about stars? If saying that such a thing warrants concern is paranoia then I would gladly except the label.

It seemed that the healer did not share my worries for the moment the old man had finished his explanation to the Sensei (who seemed rightfully taken aback by the declaratory style of the old noble), he was already making for the heavily preganant woman and dragging her off to examine her state. Given the blind idiocy of forcing a woman in such a state to travel I could hardly fault him.

Abandoning the spectacle I turned to the library, I figured avoiding contact with the elder was the wise course. Also it was a chance to get a better handle on my the value of my books to the village. As it turned out they were rather good, a tad dogmatic perhaps but they were positively rife with information that I did not expect to find. Perhaps I grew a touch to engrossed because I did not notice the arrival of the Sensei and the old man. If I had then I would have perhaps to retreat before engaging him. 

He was not a rude man but it only took a few words to realize that I needed to leave, sooner rather than later. I needed to get home and recall all the servants. If the man was not a Sidereal then he was mad in the way he spoke of the wretch known as fate. He gave the runaways a similarly ominous greeting when he had finished with me.

I was preparing to leave when the road suddenly became blocked by a SECOND noble family who had arrived with the exact same request. 

So much for quiet. Nemi was going to kill me.




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